Shiu Pong Farm
Shiu Pong Farm・Global Supply of Vegetable and Fruits

Imports of fruits and vegetables is one of the core businesses of Shiu Pong.

In 2009, we established our exclusive agricultural product business brand-Shiu Pong Farm

Shiu Pong brings large number of high-quality fruits and vegetables from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia every month, and organic agricultural products from Japan, Taiwan and China have been introduced since 2015.

Shiu Pong Farm has introduced more than 200 types of agricultural products and has a total of more than 100 sales points in major supermarkets in Hong Kong.

Shiu Pong Farm has its own local procurement specialist to purchase first-hand, freshest and high-quality agricultural products. To satisfy consumer demand, Shiu Pong Farm delivers fresh products daily.

Shiu Pong Farm Display
Shiu Pong Farm Organic Vegetable Display